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Here at Red Group Scaffolding, our experienced team can provide scaffolding hire in Leeds. Over the years, we’ve provided scaffolds for residential and commercial projects across West Yorkshire. Whether you’re converting or renovating a property, working on a new build or conducting a few repairs to the outside of your building, scaffolding is the only way to provide a safe and practical working area at height.


The range of scaffolding styles that our team can provide means that you’ll find the perfect option for your needs. Red Group Scaffolding can deliver scaffolds for short and long-term use to conduct repairs or complete construction work. Whether you’re looking for interior or exterior scaffolds, get in touch with our team today.


Scaffolding Hire in Leeds for Commercial & Residential

Whatever kind of project you require scaffolds for, it is extremely important that you find the right style for your needs. Choosing the wrong scaffolds can create unsafe and unsteady working areas. This can be incredible dangerous when working at height, either for those conducting the work or those on the ground below.


At Red Group Scaffolding, we can provide a wide range of scaffolding styles and designs to suit your needs. Just some of the weather-resistant and hard-wearing scaffolds that we can provide are:

  • Commercial & Industrial Scaffolding.

  • Heritage Scaffolding.

  • Residential Scaffolding.

  • Stairs and Scaffold Towers.